Running Towards the Anxiety Roar!

…when the tiger is real run away from the roar—but when the tiger is made out of anxiety then run towards the roar!

Almost an Anxiety Disorder!

To treat or not to treat? That is the question.

ERP Therapy for Anxiety and OCD

Exposure with Response Prevention: Designing an Optimal Exposure Task


Life in the (Too Much) Information Age. Sometimes too much information at our disposal can fuel obsessions and make you suffer!

The Great Anxiety Debate

The Great Anxiety Debate is the conversations you have in your head with Anxiety. You try to convince Anxiety that something is safe and Anxiety tries to convince you that you are catastrophically wrong.

The Importance of Therapy “Homework” Assignments for Treating Your Anxiety Disorder

Recovery from an anxiety disorder or OCD involves committing yourself to hard and often uncomfortable work in the short term in order to live a more comfortable future. Typically, this means “homework” and lots of it!

Adaptive Thinking

Your anxiety in specific situations is perfectly understandable if you are aware of the thoughts or beliefs that fuel it.

Anxiety’s Thinking Traps

When your fear is directed at things or situations that are not likely to be dangerous (for example, talking to an attractive person at a party, seeing a mouse, or having a scary thought) the adrenalin onslaught is unnecessary and therefore “Anxiety”.