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Dr. Eric Goodman specializes in treating OCD, panic disorder, fears/phobias, social anxiety disorder, persistent worry, and more in San Luis Obispo, California.


The Mindful Freakout

A rescue manual for being at your best when life is at its worst.
Hardcover E-book

A compassionate guide to living in an increasingly anxious world


Your Anxiety Beast

Social anxiety doesn’t have to hold you back! Get ‘Social Courage’ now.

Social Courage presents a step-by-step, structured program for minimizing suffering in the face of social anxiety while giving readers the tools to boldly go towards their social goals.
Hardcover E-book

Expand Your Mind

Learn more about anxiety and related disorders.

Go Virtual

Dr. Goodman uses advanced technology to help you face your fears.

Get the Tools

Learn more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Anxiety and Stress Among the SLO College Students

Dr. Goodman works with many local college students and shares some observations of challenges faced by many of Cal Poly and Cuesta students