Coastal Center for Anxiety Treatment

Name card of Dr. Eric goodman.

Virtual Reality

Dr. Goodman is pleased to now be able to offer virtual reality as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for certain anxiety disorders.

Here in San Luis Obispo, we don’t have any skyscrapers to challenge those with a fear of heights. We do have access to heights of all sizes brought right into the treatment room, courtesy of the latest in VR technology—the HTC Vive.

Besides fear of heights, Dr. Goodman can now offer virtual exposures for a range of phobic concerns such as spiders, snakes, being far from home, fear of small enclosed spaces, social interactions and public speaking, elevators, and more.

Research has shown that for some people, virtual exposures are nearly as effective as the real thing and can be a valuable component to an overall anxiety treatment plan. It offers the following advantages:

  • Easier access to safe and controlled exposures—without leaving the convenience and privacy of the office.
  • Access to exposures that are difficult, impossible, or expensive to venture into in real life. Think airplanes, rooms filled with spiders, the depths of the ocean, the heights of the world’s tallest mountain, or floating through outer space.
  • VR can be a fun and exciting way to face a fear!

While in your VR experience, Dr. Goodman will be able to monitor your progress—seeing what you see on a computer screen. Then he is able to talk to you through your headphones, coaching you on how to best cope with your fear, while it is happening.

Here is the amazing thing about VR exposure—facing a fear in VR leads many to be able to face their fear in the real world—where it really counts.

If you are interested in having VR as part of your overall treatment plan, please call Dr. Goodman (805-473-3388) to see whether VR might be a good fit for your needs.