Coastal Center for Anxiety Treatment

Name card of Dr. Eric goodman.

Some Observations on Cal Poly Anxiety & Stress

Perfectionism: The admissions office seems to LOVE perfectionistic students; Cal Poly is full of perfectionists! Perfectionism turbo-charges normal stress/anxiety and very often leads to frustration and procrastination among students.

Academic comparison distress: Poly students are used to being top of their class in HS and often find themselves struggling to be average academically at this academically rigorous college.

There may be extra stress for having to declare a major BEFORE starting college, sometimes leading students to be dissatisfied with their chosen major once they start taking classes—unfortunately, switching majors can be a stressful hurdle!

During the later years at Poly, there is pressure to find an internship and stiff competition among many very qualified students—SLO internships are limited (It’s a small town, after all!).

Along with a full load of classes, students are required to complete a senior project (and it is time consuming!).

Body Image Dissatisfaction: Some segments of Cal Poly have an EXTREMELY appearance-oriented culture, particularly in the Greek System. Students (male and female, but more so for females) may feel pressure to look like models or bodybuilders and if they buy into this type of perfectionism, anxiety is certain to follow!